Shahi Paneer

25 May


I love Paneer!! My mom used to make homemade paneer when we were little all the time. It is non-melted cheese made by curdling heated milk with lemon juice. There so much you can do with paneer but today, I made it with curry.

Shahi Paneer

First, I made the gravy by heating up the oil. Then, I added cardamon powder , garlic, ginger and lots of cubed tomatoes. When the tomatoes were cooked, I let it cool down and put the mixture in the mixer and made a puree out of it. After that, in the same pan, I heated up the oil again and added some almond paste to the oil and let it cook for a while and then I added the tomatoe puree that I made earlier and to that I added spices such as garam masala, red chilli powder, and cumin. I also added some green chillies. When the spices were all mixed, I added half cup cream and half cup milk and also just a little bit of ketchup. When the gravy was done I added paneer to the mixture!


I garnished with coconut and coriander! I and along with my family loved this dish!


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